Vote for whoever she is!Every year about this time, America gathers together to watch commercials and drink beer as part of the "Super Tuesday Bowl," which is an annual sporting contest between the Right Wing Militia Patriots and the New York Mets. Nobody knows the ultimate outcome, but people will be talking about the advertisements for several hours tomorrow! For example, did you see the one with the hot girl in underwear making a reference to the very sporting event you were watching? (See photo.) Also, Barack Obama bought some local ad time in a few places. How did this change politics forever?

Here's Barry Obama's ad. It is, you might guess, about Change:

Sadly, this wasn't a national buy on Fox, which broadcast the game. But Obama's people did place the ad in a number of Super Tuesday markets where people presumably make their presidential choices while absolutely wasted and bloated with pizza. It cost the campaign a quarter-million dollars.

Also, you were supposed to TXT the number 62262 after watching the commercial. God knows what happens after that. We once made the mistake of texting Dennis Kucinich because we were drinking a bit and had to watch one of the hundred Democratic debates, for work, and Dennis has been texting us back ever since. We wish his hot redheaded wife would send a message.

Obama To Run Super Bowl Ad [AP/Google]


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