Barack Obama Caught Hanging Out In The Woods, Was Probably Smoking Weed


  • The Supreme Court will consider the constitutionality of Wii Golf and other obscene games that were never meant for children. [Hit & Run]

  • Barack Obama had a friendly chit-chat with a group of "Muslim entrepreneurs." Heavens, is that what the liberal media is calling terrorists these days? [The Caucus]

  • San Francisco is boycotting Arizona (no more getting gay-married in the Grand Canyon, et cetera) because of its new and awesome Alien and Seditious Mexican Act. [Think Progress]

  • FreedomWorks receives dozens of emails every single day, and most of them are from liberals who want FreedomWorks to eat a turd casserole and die. [RedState]

  • Some lady stumbled upon Our President while hiking in the mountains and then frantically yelped, "Are you who I think you are?" And then Obama replied, "Sasquatch? No, I am someone else," and then the Secret Service broke her camera just for good measure. [Swampland]


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