Barack Obama: Cockblocker

obamahs.jpgThat's the verdict of Georgia columnist Nicklaus Lovelady, who writes about government for something called The Henry Daily Herald. Lovelady was young once, and in love with an intern. Until a slick, charismatic son-of-a-goatherd entered the picture. Lovelady had the misfortune to catch a speech by the Senator in the company of the object of his (presumably) inept affections. We'll let Lovelady take it from here:

After about five questions from different television and newspaper reporters, I stood up to ask mine.

"Wait a minute son, this is for professional media only," Obama said to me.

"What do you mean? I work for the local paper," I said with a crackling nervous voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were a college student. You have such a baby face," he said with an unremorseful grin.

The entire room laughed uproariously at this rather mild, somewhat complimentary burn. Including the pretty intern lady whom our columnist was trying to take down! And she never talked to him again! Lovelady was so embarrassed, he vowed to move to Georgia, wait two years, and write a column about it. And he's standing firm: Obama "won't get [his] vote. At least not until he apologizes."

Shame on thee, Senator Barack Obama! Our nation's baby-faced small-town journalists need all the help they can get fucking interns!

Update: As so many of you noted, the Senator did apologize -- though our contention was that he didn't need to -- and the audio is available from NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me.

Obama Owes Me an Apology [Henry Daily Herald]


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