Barack Obama Dines With Beloved Wingnut Columnists


And I know what's happening ...In his latest dramatic attempt to charm the remaining elitist Republicans out of their doomed party of dumb rednecks, Super-President Barack Obama went to George Will's walled castle in suburban Maryland on Tuesday night to share arugula and vintage Bordeaux with all of Will's douchebag columnist friends. David Brooks was there! So was the "lightning rod conservative," Bill Kristol. Charles Krauthammer was there, too! Can you imagine a dinner party even 2% as fun as this one?

This was probably a lot like the wingnut pundits' magic Alaskan lunch with Sarah Palin, but all the GOP writers were able to use their "fancy words."

Barack Obama is DESTROYING whatever's left of the Opposition, by going to its house, and having dinner. What a weird eight years this will be ....

Dinner Party Goes Bipartisan [NYT]


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