Barack Obama Gives Sweet Father's Day Interview To World's Best Interviewer ... Jenna Bush


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There's been a lot of tsuris in the comments this week, because we have been ragging on Chelsea Clinton for being terrible at the job she apparently got paid one-and-a-half New York Times editors to "work."

What about Jenna Bush, you all whined, like a bunch of whiners, why aren't you complaining about her salary at NBC?

Well ... maybe because, regardless of whether her crew is a Team of Assholes, she is actually good at it! (I KNOW.)

Here she is lisping and saying "Febuary" in her interview with Prezzy Odaddy, and everything about it is wonderful. He's sweet, she's sweet and funny, she snickers constantly (but in a nice way; she just can't keep it in!), and it's pretty much the perfect amount of Putting Yourself in the Story, and at one point she tries to goad him into remembering that OH THATS RIGHT YOU WERE SO DRUNK *ALL THE TIME*, but he does not fall for it, because he's a gentleman. Happy Father's Day, all. Go drink the pain away of Jenna Bush now being our second favorite former White House Kid (long live Amy Carter, forever and ever, amen).


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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