Barack Obama Goes On Ellen To Push His Radical Selfie-Taking Agenda


Your president of these here United States Barack Obama visited the Ellen show today via remote, which meant that his picture weirdly floated above Ellen, twice her size, which he probably demanded because of how he is such a megalomaniac even though he is also too a weakling. Anyway, Bamz just came on Ellen to gay ram socialism down the throats of America talk about selfies, the Gap, and China.

Ellen told him she'd aimed to break his most retweeted-tweet record, which is a thing we now actually keep track of, with her EPIC OSCAR GROUP SELFIE which you have now seen one million times. Bamz told her he thought it was a cheap stunt. Though you know this was a completely scripted gentle ribbing sort of exchange, expect a right-wing blog to be argle-bargling within the next hour about how rude and disrespectful Obama is.



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