Barack Obama Goes To Asia, Where Everyone Is Very Mad At Him


  • Barack Obama sent himself to Asia to convince everyone over there that he is not distracted or whatever by various goings-on in Afghanistan and Iraq. [New York Times]
  • Say farewell to the White House's rhyming general counsel, Gregory Craig, who is quitting his job today. [Washington Post]
  • Nidal Hasan will probably face the death penalty. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Ten people died when a suicide bomber bombed a spy agency in Pakistan to death. [AP]
  • If Obama goes to Copenhagen for a big climate change summit later this month, everyone will believe him when he says he cares about reducing carbon emissions and the like. [The Hill]
  • Turns out when the US gives money directly to villages in Afghanistan—as opposed to the central government—the money ends up in the hands of people not in the central government. [New York Times]

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