Barack Obama Hates Every Southerner Except Robert Gibbs


Our new president mightsay he likes diversity and things, but then why does he not fiscally stimulate the ailing South by hiring some southerners to work for him, HMMM? He has precisely one (1) staffer who hails from below the Mason-Dixon line, one "Robert Gibbs," who does not count because he has zero neck tattoos and does not listen to Skynyrd.

In an interview with regional newspapers this week, a reporter asked Obama why he didn't have more southerners on his staff and Obama basically said, "Because I despise the Confederacy."

I love the South. I've got to admit that we have thought a lot about finding the very best people for the jobs and haven't been thinking with great intensity about regionalism, because partly except for food and sports teams and weather, I mean, we're one country. And I think that people are so mobile these days that -- I tend to think of ourselves as all just Americans.

But if you've got some great Southerners -- (laughter) -- who want to work for us, please let me know, because we're always open. I love the South.

See that, what he did there? Seething hatred.

Obama: 'I Love the South'" [Washington Post]


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