Barack Obama Is Giving The Speech Of His Life ... It's Good!

Goddamn, Barry, that was good."Make no mistake what we're up against," Barack Obama tells his crowd. They all go nuts.

Whoops, looks like voting for Hillary means voting for crooked old people who just spent a lot of time at the White House. Well, we have not always been kind to Barry Obama when it comes to his speaking performances, but he is pissed off and you know, it works. You can be pissed off on the teevee if it's for, as he says, "a higher purpose." Or "higher calling." Something like that.

It's 9:14 p.m. in Columbia, South Carolina. Our Barry is all grown up now, and ready to punch Hillary (and especially Bill) with a sack of rocks -- we mean, of course, "a sack of hope."

A Sack of Hope

What we haven't mentioned tonight, because things went so fast that we had no time for our usual dozen smart-ass blog posts before the first projections are dropped on the cable news channel, is that Bill Clinton may well have just blown it for his wife (and for him). Bill brushed off Barry's HUGE win by saying, "Yeah, well Jesse Jackson won South Carolina, too." (That's not the exact quote, but it's close.)

Back to Obama: He's doing some John Edwards populism now, but it sounds ... dare we say, more hopeful? If so, why? Edwards' populism is a little too stuck in the past: The poor girl who died without a liver, the civil rights troubles of the 1960s, the mills that closed down in the 1980s.

Barry says let's get you some health care and a liver next year, and maybe get you guys and gals home from Iraq next year, and maybe even people might have jobs some day.

We'll see about that, but it's encouraging, at least.

Well, this is the speech of his career. Remember the speech of his career at the DNC a few million years ago? That wasn't anything special. This has some guts to it.

Good job, Barry. OBAMA FOR THE WIN.


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