Barack Obama Is Now A More Fully Realized Kennedy Than Caroline Kennedy


  • David Vitter, who has racked up nearly a billion frequent whore miles, is On The Defensive, as Democrats are criticizing him for his earlier botched attempt to smuggle a bomb in his sneaker on an airplane. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Despite rumors and, arguably, logic to the contrary, embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele and his little dog too are not going to be ousted! [Ben Smith]
  • Seattle Police Chief R. Gil "Copyandpaste" Kerlikowske has been anointed Obama's new drug czar. And guess what, all those marijuana legalization activists are just terribly upset that their Barry picked a cop for the part of drug czar instead of, uh, a notable marijuana user? [The Caucus]
  • Oh good: Hillary Clinton staffers want to assure you that your gal Friday will run again in 2016. [Daily Intel]
  • Barack O'Bama is Irish! But according to some "out" Irishpersons, he is hiding his true heritage lest people become confused about his ancestry. Hm. [Gawker]

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