Barack Obama Is Worse Than Stalin & Hitler


Barry Obama's still living large on his European/Central Asian/Middle East luxurybasketball vacation, which will finish up with a big speech rally thing in Berlin, the German city where David Bowie recorded Heroes. But just like when JFK and Ronald Reagan went to East Berlin and demanded that Hitler "Tear Down That Wall," it seems Obama is bringing his own "Ugly American" act to Deutschland.

According to this very crappy/funny translation of a Bild article, Obama's campaign is treating the Germans worse than a Coachella crowd -- nobody can bring anything to the rally, not even OBAMA SUX banners!

Barack Obama forbids protest placards in Berlin

With tension, Barack Obamas (46) speech is expected before the victory column in Berlin. The presidency candidate of the US democrats announced a principle speech. The police expects a million spectator. Yet that must comply with severe rules: Placards, signs, pockets – everything forbidden!

No, not the pockets!

(Thanks to Wonkette Operative PPM for running this through Babelfish.)


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