The hustler in his native environsSenator Hope might suck at bowling, but he can shoot a decent game of pool. This is because hard-working Americans long ago ceded the sport to fey intellectuals, San Francisco bike messengers, and migrant workers. Oh you want pictures of your Hopey doing the old behind-the-back shot left-handed? We got 'em after the jump!

He is thinking about how best to get into your pants, America.

Ha ha, actually he is thinking about when he gets to leave West Virginia forever

Just like in the movies

That? Did that do it?

Fuck you, bowlers.

He shoots, he scores, he laughs, the press furiously masturbates.

UPDATE: Oh and look here is footage showing that he was already capable of pushing a ball around a table with a stick TWO MONTHS AGO. Why has the press been silent on this???

[youtube expand=1]

Obama Cues Up to Play Pool [The Caucus]

He can't bowl, but he can shoot [Political Intelligence]


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