Barack Obama Systematically Working To Destroy Catholicism, At Colleges


It was pretty useless and unnecessary for Barack Obama to go out of his way to give a major economics speech at one of Georgetown's most haunting, gilded Jesus chambers on Tuesday and request that all symbols there be boarded up; because except for a few libtards, who cares if the three letters, "IHS," are written on some wall. THEN AGAIN maybe he had those letters covered for the express purpose of watching National Review's Kathryn Jean "Jonah Goldberg" Lopez flip out, which she did, providing ample entertainment for the American Internet during these tough economic times. So thank you for that, President Abortionist!

Barack Obama has personally trashed K-Lo's faith before: by accepting an invitation to deliver the commencement address at Notre Dame University, which K-Lo still conceives of as a medieval Jesuit eunuch colony where female trespassers should be grateful to be immolated and eaten in the name of Him. Notre Dame embarrassed itself by allowing Barack Obama, an abortionist with few other professional credentials besides all of those abortions, to speak to the students. They can watch that smut on the television set on their own time, for Heaven's sake. (Although they shouldn't do that either, because they will go to Hell.) Every decent Catholic school should settle for nothing less than Jesus himself as commencement speaker every single year.

And now this Georgetown nonsense too! She wrote the following yesterday when she was literally inside a church:

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City — On Tuesday the president of the United States gave a much-anticipated economic address at Georgetown University. While speaking there, a usually impossible-to-miss “IHS” — a common monogram for Jesus Christ — was missing from its perch at the center of the auditorium stage.

Georgetown is, of course, a Catholic university, and the fact that Jesus Christ is represented prominently in the school’s much-used auditorium is no surprise. And it wouldn’t come as a shock if someone from the school — perhaps aware that a defender of infanticide was coming to speak — attempted to remove any sense that Jesus might be endorsing the president (or his Sermon on the Mount-metaphor speech).

That the president’s people might have asked the school to remove the IHS wouldn’t come as a shock either. After all, a speech on the economy is no Passover Seder at the White House, and who knows who might be offended. As it happens, the White House did request that the IHS be hidden during the president’s appearance. But Georgetown officials should have reacted immediately by asking that the speech be delivered elsewhere — anything to avoid obscuring the school’s reason for being.

Blind party pride is a big enough obstacle, but with K-Lo -- the editor-in-chief of the most well known conservative commentary site on the Internet -- there is nothing Barack Obama could ever do that would please her, because she thinks that he KILLS INFANTS. One by one, line 'em up, chop chop chop! This is what he does to "blow off steam." And that's not a very good lesson for him to be imposing on these modest eunuchs at our most prestigious Catholic educational dungeons.

Opening the Door with Timothy Dolan [NRO]


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