Barack Obama Thinks That He Is Justin Bieber


Barack Obama is giving a concert or something, you guys! At least that is what we assume is happening, since we find the news that people are fainting during a "speech highlighting new tax breaks and grants aimed at expanding the use of alternative-energy vehicles" sort of hard to believe. Is there video? There's video, after the jump!

Eh, Barack Obama just sounds tired of watching people drop during his speeches. He has been making this "it happens all the time" joke about his supporters fainting constantly since 2009. What has Obama learned in three years of doubling as crowd medical coordinator? "You always gotta eat before you stand a long time. That's a little tip," he adds. Sensible advice from the President! Ha ha, and now all we can picture is the next Rick Santorum rally full of angry, hypoglycemic wingnuts passing out in giant waves, to protest socialism.



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