Barack Obama Wears A Crown Of Painful Bailout Thorns, For YOU!


  • Matt Yglesias writes about Refrigerator Policy. [Matt Yglesias]

  • The Taliban Hobbyist Kit: Buy 1 pickup truck, get 1 AK-47 FREE! While supplies last, in Missouri. [Think Progress]

  • If you wouldn't mind, would you take a look at this cartoon for a moment? So as you can see, the National Deficit is represented by black asphalt/goo? Anyway. If this comic is supposed to criticize Obama for adding to the deficit, shouldn't he be adding more goo, instead removing a huge-ass chunk of it, with an excavator? [RedState]

  • Andrew Sullivan always finds the cleverest ways to avoid leading the Iranian Revolution. People are counting on you, Andrew! [Andrew Sullivan]

  • It seems that Barack Obama said something really dramatic the other day, something like, "Our economy is in ruins? And no one wants to take the blame? Give it to me. And I will socialize it, to save you from your sins." Stigmata! [AMERICAblog]


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