Mark your calendars! At this Friday's hearing of the "Civil Rights Commission" or whatever, some lawyer from the Department of Justice will tell lies and cover up the truth about why Minister of Justice Eric Holder dropped federal voter intimidation charges against members of the New Black Panther Party last year. Holder let them off the hook for allegedly being mean to voters on Election Day 2008.As Real American news sources reported, the Panthers played with their gum and left cookie crumbs on the floor and OH YEAH, allegedly played with billy clubs while calling people not-nice names at a polling place in Philadelphia, which made the Liberty Bell crack.

Bringing us up to speed on the New Black Panthers (no relation to PUMAs) and their terrorism is this passionate Moonington Times essay describing how they nearly ended voting in America, forever:

Clad in paramilitary uniforms and armed with a nightstick [sic], the Panthers had spent several hours on Election Day 2008 stalking the entrance of a voting place in Philadelphia - hurling racial epithets at whites and blacks alike, taunting poll watchers, and intimidating voters who sought to cast their votes for president as well as other candidates on the ballot. These voting rights violations were captured, partially, on video and uploaded to YouTube.

Oooh, scary! But "not scary enough" for the New Black Obama Party, says the author of this Moonie Times wake-up call, Voting Rights Act sexpert Ashley L. Taylor Jr.:

They contend that two men who dress up like soldiers and stand in the doorway of a voting place brandishing a billy club cannot be prosecuted for voter intimidation in the absence of testimony from a voter who was intimidated, or proof of someone who was turned away from voting. Without such evidence, they argue, it is impossible to prove what the Panthers intended by their actions.

Accompanying Taylor's call to action is this terrifying photograph of King Barack Hussein posing as Huey Newton, cofounder of the original Black Panther Party (whose surviving members claim no affiliation with the New Black Panthers whatsoever but hey, whatever; that little cat sure is cute!). It's more proof that white people should just give up any "HOPE" of being able to vote this November, because Obama's given the New Black Panthers free reign to use their dark sunglasses to beat you all to death.

[Washington Times]


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