Barack Obama's Lawyer To Help Sarah Palin Get Huge Book Deal


Sarah Palin made it very clear that when the campaign was over and she had lost, she would go back to Alaska, which, in her words, is "the state that I am the executive of," and use her role in this capacity to make the state better. Since returning, she has helped Alaska by holding interviews with every wingnut and cable news anchor willing to talk to her about how nothing was her fault during the campaign. Although these gubernatorial leadership efforts have already made Alaska the most respectable place on Earth, Palin is not one to rest, and now she will help her state even more by devoting all of her time towards shopping a multi-million-dollar book deal.

The book will chronicle her important state reform record, including the chapters "Nicolle Wallace Was Full of Shit," "Steve Schmidt Tried to Sabotage My Image," and "Katie Couric, I Will Literally Kill You Tomorrow." The rest will be about how mean Andrew Sullivan is. It will be dedicated to Kathryn Jean Lopez and written in nail polish.

[LA Times]


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