Barack Obama's Secret Jewish Communist Origins Revealed!

It's so clear nowHave you ever thought of how Tiger Woods is like Barack Obama, and how the fact that Obama was born in the early 1960s is definitive proof that he is a Communist? And if you haven't, might this willful ignorance be due to the Political Correctness Machine's crushing of honest inquiry?

The Corner's Lisa Schiffren offers up some stunning revelations in a think piece that leaves us smacking our heads in wonderment.

Barack Obama is the new man, of course. His mixed race is a symbol of that. Just like Tiger Woods -- as we have read, endlessly. What's to wonder about?

But Obama likes basketball, not golf! What?

[A]ll of my mixed race, black/white classmates throughout my youth, some of whom I am still in contact with, were the product of very culturally specific unions. They were always the offspring of a white mother, (in my circles, she was usually Jewish, but elsewhere not necessarily) and usually a highly educated black father. ...[F]or a white woman to marry a black man in 1958, or 60, there was almost inevitably a connection to explicit Communist politics.

Note that Tiger Woods married a Swede, which is basically a Communist. Bottom line is, don't trust Obama around your vodka or your Christian babies because he is an avid consumer of both.

Obama's Political Origins [The Corner]


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