Barack Obama's Sixth-Grade Yearbook Photos!

Why do pencils hate America?Contrary to popular belief, Barack Obama was not hatched from a magical Muslim egg at the age of 35. In fact he had a normal Christian childhood in Hawaii, and we have photographic evidence to prove it! Here he is pictured at the historic brokered Pencil Chewers Convention of '73. Riots and an assassination attempt (pictured here) marred the proceedings, but in the end Barry was able to bring people together around a platform of hope, and pencils.

Here he is, a smiling Leo in the Age of Aquarius (meaning, 1973). He is clearly high as a kite.

He is the president of the Zodiac

Thus ends our wonderful tour of two childhood Barry photos. Thanks for playing!

Obama in '73, Omidyar Joins Punahou Board of Trustees [Barton's Blog]


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