Barack Obama's Technology Plan: Sleeper Hit of 2007

terrorists will fall for those baby internet eyesSilly Andrew Sullivan didn't mention shit about Barack "The Face" Obama's technosavvy "innovation" plan in his stupid Atlanticarticle, and could The Face be upset? He probably doesn't care either, but still, his campaign sent out an e-mail furiously titled "EXPERTS PRAISE BARACK OBAMA'S TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION AGENDA" to show us just how cool he is with the technology hepcats.

Here are some of the GREATEST REVIEWS EVER of Barack's cybery laser agenda:

* "Barack Obama realizes the pivotal role that technology plays in the 21st century" -- Jonathan Miller, Former Chairman and CEO, America Online, Inc.

* "And Barack Obama understands that new technology, including blogs, wikis and social networking tools, can be brought to bear to modernize government, improve decision-making and deepen democracy in the digital age." -- Beth Noveck, Professor of Law, New York Law School

* "Alone among the candidates, Barack Obama understands that the time, expertise and enthusiasm that people invest in making Wikipedia better, for example, can be transformed into practices to make government work better." -- Beth Noveck, again

So we haven't read this plan, but we gather that it says: (a) Barack Obama understands that technology is sticking around for the long haul, and we better embrace it (b) Barack Obama thinks Congress can get more shit done with blogs and Facebook and (c) Barack Obama will improve Wikipedia.

Whatever Barack. All we need is your face. The Face. Just look at the terrorists and smile. You'll be just fine.

Barack Obama is Good At Technology [ (PDF)]


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