Barack Obama's Triumphant Return To Fox News

Eating crowLadies and gentlemen, mark your calendars: Fox News Sunday will air an interview this weekend with Senator Barack Obama, who only appeals to black people and Midwesterners and men and elitists. Now that he's behind in the race by every conceivable measure except the popular vote, pledged delegates, and number of states won, he's turning to Fox News for help reaching out to key demographics who can put him over the top.

"Ultimately the fact that he was having such trouble reaching out and winning over working class democrats, moderates, and conservatives might have made him realize that Fox News might be a good place to get his message out," says Chris Wallace, who will conduct the interview.

Chris Wallace was the Fox News guy who defended Barack Obama in late March for being black, saying, "He can't help it!" when all his colleagues were ganging up on poor Barry.

Chris Wallace to Interview Obama on Fox News Sunday [New York Observer]


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