Barbara Bush and the Argentine Reichstag Fire

Las hijas de Bush! - WonketteFinally, an American expat in Argentina blogs up the dirt on the endlessly fascinating theft of young Barbara Bush's purse. We can now provide the following shocking details from a retired DC/NYC newspaperman:

* The purse-snatching took place at some huge bar/restaurant in the "hip San Telmo district."

* It's apparently spring in Argentina; rich girls can just skip winter altogether.

* The purse-snatching thieves are known as Porteños, which is Spanish for "purse snatchers." (UPDATE FOR CERTAIN READERS: THAT'S A JOKE.)

Lots more hot Argentine action, after the jump.

* Argentina is very much a developing country when it comes to humor: "One of the chistes (jokes) was: Clever Porteño purse-snatchers, 1; US Secret Service, O."

* The Secret Service detail was "40 meters" away from the Bush Twins, which is apparently 130 feet away in English!

* After the failure of the Secret Service agents, the Argentine government assigned 50 federal cops to follow the Twins around Buenos Aires.

* The government also assigned firefighters and a fire engine ... to start fires: "Believe it or not, the fire truck is used to put out small fires that are set by the firefighters themselves (when ordered to by their superiors over the radio) to distract people from chasing after the Bush twins. The fires are usually set in trash barrels as the firefighters stand by with a small hose."

We've seen plenty of outrageous "Look over there!" stunts in Washington, but actually starting fires to divert the mob's attention is right up there with Hitler's Germany. No wonder all the Nazis fled to Argentina!

THE BABY BUSH PURSE-SNATCH [An American Expat's Life in Argentina]


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