Barbara Bush Triple-Fists

barbarabush1.jpgNow that the midterm elections are behind us, Wonkette can get back to our true purpose: obsessive analysis of the Bush Twins' drinking habits. Today, IvyGate directs us to a couple photos of Barbara tailgating at Saturday's Yale-Princeton game. With a red cup always in hand -- and, more importantly (and highlighted at right), an additional beer in her back pocket -- Jenna demonstrates, as IvyGate puts it, "true Bush-caliber commitment to drinking."

It's good to know that while

Jenna travels to Paraguay to grease the wheels for her father's eventual flea from justice, Barbara is keeping true to the other half of the family tradition: fucking up grandly until you're forty or so.

Barbara Bush Displays Remarkable Commitment to Drinking [IvyGate]


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