Barry Hussein Obama: Marxist Terrorist?

The blog Reverse Spin has a bombshell: Senator and eventual second first black president Barry Hussein Obama once talked to a Marxist! There's apparently a damning message board thread all about how some lefties once endorsed Obama! Proof that he's in cahoots with the far left!

Pretty damning stuff -- Obama cozying up to unreconstructed Marxists and fringe lefties! Just look how excited they are at the prospect of a dictatorship of the proletariat Obama presidency:

Giving the current crisis and developments in Congress, he may move back to our side on the war, and get as far as, say, Murtha's position. But right now he's not in the 'Out Now' camp, not as good as Murtha, and a triangulator par excellence. I've watched him do it up close. The press and his publicists put him in our camp, but if you look at his speeches and votes since his trip to Iraq, I think you'll find he has a way to go.

You hear that? Those commies know Obama's secretly one of them! Where "one of them" means "not acceptably left-wing enough to merit their approval."

Still always plotting against us, though. That much we're certain of.

Barack O'Bomb 'em? [Reverse Spin]


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