Barry Hussein's New Pal

Barry and friends - WonketteBarry has a new friend!

But one former North Carolinian got close to Obama: Reggie Love.

The former Duke University football and basketball player has accompanied Obama on his travels, according to a deputy press secretary for his campaign, although she said an attendee's description of him as a "bodyguard" was inaccurate.

Love also attended Obama's fundraiser at the home of investor Steve Lerner. Apparently, the long-rumored rule about Dukies not going to Chapel Hill does not apply to former players.

Here is a picture of Obama's new BFF Reggie Love with some charming prankster's testicles drawing near to his face. That's really all.

Obama's Love [News&Observer]

The Shaming of Reggie Love [Jody's Garage]


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