Barry Is Talking About Reverend Wright On The TeeVee! (Now With Video!)

Finally, Barry is holding a Big Time press conference about Reverend Wright, and it's on all the teevee channels! He is SO ANGRY that he even said "I am angry." He's just starting to take questions now, so let's liveblog this annoying spectacle. (UPDATE: Video of Obama's angry opening statement at the end).

2:03 -- He rejects everything Wright said, and he said Wright has been making a spectacle of himself in the last three or four days. He is "not the man I knew over the last 20 years."

2:04 -- Good Lord, wake the hell up Drug Eyes! Speak a sentence coherently! Hillary is drinking rat blood right now, and you can barely say "anger" without crying like a sally.

2:04 -- Also is "angered" by how Wright called him insincere in his fake denunciation of Wright's views.

2:06 -- Blah blah I like hope, Jeremiah Wright likes saying White Men invented AIDS.

2:08 -- Wright's "performance" yesterday changed their relationship, Barry says. For the worse. Barry thinks that AIDS came from Spain, with its Moors.

2:10 -- Wright has "put strains" on their relationship with his "spectacle." Do any of YOU have a friend-breakup with this sort of terminology? "Hello best friend, you are putting strains on our relationship by being such a spectacle performing artist hobo. We will now be on different terms, to be defined later."

2:12 -- Wright wasn't "constructive" yesterday, like Barry was when he gave that speech in Philadelphia. Umm, is that his white side talking? Suddenly *all black people* have to be *constructive* when they speak their jive?

2:14 -- Wah wah wah my feelings are hurt because he did this in front of the National Press Club, which is a big deal. Oh Barry, we went there for Taco Night a few weeks ago -- it's really lame!

2:16 -- Intellectual Barry is now talking about liberation theory, ALTHOUGH "HE'S NOT A THEOLOGIST." Elitismmsmsm!

2:17 -- Smartypants McBlack-White here says that thinking only about the struggles of a particular group in society is NARROW. Yes, but it's easier. Some of us like life EASY, not weighed down by your precious thinky-majigs.

2:20 -- "Black churches holler and 'whoop.'" The white reporters wish to hear more about this gleeful "whoop."

2:22 -- I love how there is this huge press conference, attracting all eyes and ears of the national media, to hear Barack Obama say there has been "great damage" between him and some black preacher he knows. MUST LIVEBLOG MORE.

2:24 -- Ha, nevermind fuckers! It's over. To recap: Obama is having a serious friend breakup with that black preacher, who spoke at a place where some reporters eat lunch yesterday.

2:51 -- MAGICAL UPDATE: Here is a video of Obama's opening comments:


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