Basketball: Because Feeding Christians to Lions Wasn't Fun Enough

Basketball: Because Feeding Christians to Lions Wasn't Fun Enough

If you just crawled out of a moldy blogger-stained basement like your intern, you will soon discover that there is a basketcrickery or bracketball or somesuch deathsport feud commencing today. No one is going to shut up about it for about a month, so you may as well give in and head to one of the following fine establishments to find out, at the very least, the sport in question.

  • Tonight: The Rocket Bar, with 17 TVs, a "bring your own food policy," and shuffleboard to distract the bored girlfriends, is a good place to watch the sports anyways. If you'd like to be fancy and donate $7 to Friends of St. Jude's, you can play free pool with other charitably-minded people in the back room. If you're miserly, or just poor, enjoy the normal free cover and happy hour specials in other rooms. The benefit is tonight from 6PM to 9PM. [Rocket Bar]
  • Tonight: Sporting events have a tendency to devolve into brodeos, but there are sure to be ladyfolk at the Rhino Bar tonight. Madison, yet another curiously exclusive (and GIRLS ONLY) DC social group, is holding a fundraiser in the upstairs room for Community Lodgings. A $20 cover gets you an open bar and a chance to appear magnanimous in front of women. If you strike out upstairs, you can head back down to enjoy the cover-free March Madness specials, like $.25 wings and $8 pitchers of Coors Light and Miller Lite. The benefit is from 7PM to 10PM. [Rhino Bar]
  • Throughout March Madness: Many drinking establishments enjoy showing basketball on their teevees, and none of these "sports bars" enjoys it more than Crystal City Sports Club. There are more than 100 TVs, three floors, like a dozen ESPN-type channels, and it's probable that even a "Morehead State" alumnus can find another kindred fan there. Oh yeah, the smart money's on Morehead this year, mmhmm. [Crystal City Sports Club]

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