Be Careful What You Wish For

faris.jpgIn the wake of the disclosure that the Bush administration had been conducting surveillance on American citizens without legal authority, defenders of the practice actually had one plank in its argument that wasn't spurious on its face. Rolling the dice that no one with standing would try, they shrugged and said, "So sue us!"

Well, as luck would have it, the only known-by-name target of the extralegal wiretap program, Iyman Faris, is reported to be considering taking the President to court. Faris, who pled guilty to working with al-Qaeda in a plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge in October 2003, is lawyer-shopping with the help of his criminal defense attorney in the hopes he may get his charges overturned. Faris withdrew his guilty plea ahead of sentencing in the Brooklyn Bridge case, claiming that he only admitted to wrongdoing to secure a book deal -- thus accounting for every possible stupid reason to get mixed up with al-Qaeda except, perhaps, for attempting to impress Jodie Foster.

Wonkette, by the way recently obtained a brief transcript of the recordings collected by those wiretaps, and, based upon Mr. Faris' appearance, we were not surprised when it read, "No! Stop! The numbers are bad! The numbers are bad!"

Lawsuit against Bush? [Salon]


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