Be George Allen's New Monkey!

But 'machaca' is a delicious Mexican egg & beef dish! - WonketteJim Webb's senate campaign just sent out a Help Wanted e-mail seeking somebody to chase Sen. George Allen around Virginia and videotape whatever nutty thing he does next.

Virginia statewide campaign is looking to hire a tracker. This position requires extensive in-state travel, following opponent's campaign and filming all public remarks and events. Applicants must have a car. Competitive salary and benefits. We are looking to hire immediately, through the November election.

But it seems like they're leaving something out ... something important.

Wasn't this the very job that S.R. Sidarth was doing on August 11 when Allen called him a "macaca" (twice!) and kindly welcomed the young American man of color to America?

We suggest the Webb campaign add another sentence to the job announcement:

Minority applicants are strongly encouraged, but should be prepared for weird abuse of some kind, because Allen's going to throw some incredibly obscure racial slur your way, which is totally going to lock up this race for us.

The Help Wanted message was sent to the mailing list, and we're glad to see somebody is using that old thing.



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