Beatnik Comic Michael Alan Weiner Considers 2008 Run

Bronx-born Berkeley grad Michael Alan Weiner is one of the last merry pranksters of the North Beach beatnik-poet scene. The "free love" alternative-medicine guru and very dear friend of the late homosexual poet Allen Ginsberg realized his lifelong dream of being a subversive comedian like his hero Lenny Bruce, when San Francisco's KGO allowed him to "prank" the talk station's listeners in 1994 with his outrageous Andy Kaufman-esque creation called "Mike Savage."

Learn about his hilarious run for the White House -- watch out, Arabs & Mexicans! -- after the jump.

Weiner's act has led to a syndicated comedy show and several books -- a lucrative career for a flower-power beatnik who once considered simply lounging naked with his male poet friends to be "the good life." How many in his audience "get it" has never been established, as even callers to his show are asked to stay in character.

The comic is now taking his routine to its ordained conclusion: a mock presidential campaign. Wiener is following the path of his hero Dick Gregory, who hilariously ran for president against Nixon.

In his real life, Weiner continues to share his considerable wealth with unredeemed socialist politicians such as California's "Governor Moonbeam," Jerry Brown.

Speaking to satirical site World Net Daily, "Savage" promises to annihilate the Arabs and Persians by dropping nuclear bombs throughout the Middle East and killing all the Mexicans with tanks along the southern U.S. border.

Michael Savage: Line U.S. border with tanks [WND]

Michael Savage: Left-Winger [Free Republic]


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