Beautiful Monday Morning News

  • The story of the unraveling of A.Q. Khan's nuclear black market is long, complicated, and probably very interesting, if you're not suffering from jet lag and altitude sickness. [New York Times]
  • Our under-resourced but ever-vigilant FBI saw the mortgage crisis coming as early as 2004, but prescient agents were told to concentrate on fighting terrorism instead. [Los Angeles Times]
  • At the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama must heal the wounds of a fractured party, blah blah blah. [Washington Post]
  • Picking Joe Biden as his running mate did not endear Obama to some Clinton supporters. [Washington Post]
  • Democrats showed their deep commitment to pandering to People of Faith by holding some sort of interfaith love-in on Sunday. [The Hill]
  • Also kicking off the convention: a "suspicious package," which was detonated without incident at 3 o'clock this morning. [Denver Post]

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