Beautiful Young Correspondent Meg McCabe Will Interview Rod Blagojevich On The View!


On Wednesday and Thursday the Internet's First Daughter, Meghan McCain, will be appearing on The View, America's most threatening daytime pastiche! She will be filling in for one of the ladies, the Elizabeth one, who plays an uninformed blond conservative named "Elizabeth." It will be the greatest performance of young Meg's blossoming guest-hosting/role modeling/media criticism/blog/Tina Brown/Twitter/The Hills/boys!!/punditry career. She will obviously be interviewing Rod Blagojevich.

Actually, Meg is uniquely qualified to interview Rod Blagojevich because of insider Beltway political networking. Bonus political insider trivia: Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain is also Senator John McCain's (R-AZ) daughter! Writes M.M. in A Very Prescient Daily Beast Column about how women are the only ones who can be role models for women, in terms of engaging with (and within!) their own womenhood, while televized:

Among the guests this week is former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, which for me is kind of like putting a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone on the Atkins diet.

It's really too meaningful, to even try to pin down the meaning, is what she is saying.

[My View of The View]


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