Because an Easter Egg Roll Isn't Gay Enough Already


According to the Post, "critics have denounced the parents for politicizing such an iconic, American event." The controversy even has its own moniker: "Brokeback Bunny." (Don't think too hard about that, it's kinda gross -- especially if the bunny is chocolate.)

Here's our view. We think it's really tacky that these parents would hijack such a cherished, non-gay holiday as Easter. You know, the holiday when you dye eggs pretty pastel colors and put little decorative touches on them, before donning a giant bunny suit and stuffing your face full of truffles.

So hands off Easter, lesbians! Go play with your power tools or something.

Gay, Lesbian Families to Join American Tradition En Masse [WP]

The Egg Roll (Again!) Becomes a Stage for Controversy [NYT]


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