Because Bob Novak Would Never Just Make Shit Up To Confuse Everybody ...

With all his friends ... - WonketteEvil Bob Novak says Republicans aren't pushing Hastert out of his extra-large speaker's chair because "it's really moot," because the GOP has already given up and expects to lose the House.

"It's really moot," one of Hastert's most severe Republican critics (who would not be identified) told me. "We are sure to lose the House, and Denny never would want to be minority leader."
Well, good. Everybody can relax .... Except for one little thing: This makes no fucking sense.If Hastert doesn't want to be minority leader and the House is lost to the Democrats, then he should obviously resign now to escape the shame of being minority leader when Congress meets again after the elections. But he won't resign, and it's causing all kinds of uncomfortable scenes at GOP fund-raising dinners because nobody wants to be photographed with or even near Jabba the Hastert. What to make of it?

How about this: Novak wrote it, which means it's disinformation. Jesus, it's Bob Novak, remember? You really think they're going to give up the House? And announce it a month beforehand?

Also, Novak made a funny, ha ha: "House GOP leaders, who had started the week shooting at each other, now were on the same page." It's like Fatty Arbuckle all over again!

GOP hopefuls hope Hastert stays away [Chicago Sun-Times]


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