Because the Fifth Time Is A Charm?

C'mon, Pat -- just shit or get off the pot:

karl%20rove%20to%20testify%20for%20fifth%20time%20in%20leak%20case.JPGThe suspense is just killing political junkies everywhere. We can barely think of anything else!

In other news, Patrick Fitzgerald gave an exclusive interview to a high school newspaper: The Owl, the school paper of his alma mater, Regis High School in New York.

(Hey Pat -- one of us went to Regis. Care to sit down for a little IM chat with Wonkette?)

Rove to Testify for 5th Time in CIA Leak Case [WP]

Alum Takes on the White House: Exclusive with Patrick J. Fitzgerald [The Owl via From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald]

Prosecutor Loosens Up in Exclusive Story [AP]


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