Behind-the-Scenes at the National Press Club

Thanks to the literally ones of people who have written in about the National Press Club panel "Who Is a Journalist?"; C-SPAN has apparently devoted a whole channel to rebroadcasting the event. Of course, the panel featured two women under the age of 50 and a recent college grad -- practically qualifies as "Girls Gone Wild!" for C-SPAN. Panderers.

Speaking of which: Many have asked if I did, as an excitable audience member suggested, press Jeff Gannon on whether or not he has ever had sex with Scott McClellan. I did ask Gannon this. I also asked him if he had sex with Superman. He declined to comment.

I happened to share the elevator down from the Press Club with the aforementioned excitable audience member, who elaborated on his theory that Gannon was part of a White House male prostitution ring. Turns out Gannon gets around! In addition to his dalliances with Scott McClellan and Ken Mehlmann, Excitable Audience Member #1 also believes that "it's possible" Gannon has practiced his love with the President of the United States.

Insert burying the lead joke here.

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