Behold Miriam, the Falsely-Accused Skintern

Miriam here was an intern for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Earlier this year (as you probably don't remember), Senator Reid was the victim of Identity Theft. For gripping, tense two or three hour period, Miriam was the prime suspect -- a Hitchockian innocent accused of a crime she didn't commit! Until she called the office and got it all sorted out fairly quickly!

"All my contacts with the Senator were brief and not very personal." Also: Harry Reid loves the smell of almond-scented soap.


(We must say, Miriam keeps her kitchen cleaner than ours, though we tend to put away the water pipe before filming our terrifying stories of mistaken identity.)

Ok, sure, her line reading leaves something to be desired (write it down beforehand, Miriam!), but we are always more than happy to enable the overblown, dramatic stories of attractive young publicity hounds-in-training. The boring, cleavage-free, text version of her "story" is after the jump.

I interned for Minority Leader, Senator Harry Reid in Las Vegas for 6 months. Two weeks after my last day, I went to North Carolina for a wedding. I arrived in Asheville on July 26. The next day, a story broke about the Senator falling victim to identity theft. Someone had apparently stolen the number off his credit card and used it at a Wal-Mart and many other stores in Monroe, NC. I have never been to Monroe. I don't even know where it is. And the transaction must have occurred while I was in Las Vegas.

Yet about 7 weeks later, I found-out that I was under investigation for the identity theft.

I was cocktailing at The Mandalay Bay Swimming Pool yesterday when I was asked by my manager and the hotel investigator to halt working and to come upstairs to meet with a secret service agent.

Low and behold as I sat at the mercy of the Agent and his friend from Metro it was about the credit card!

Though the gentleman claimed to be throwing the net far and wide, it was obvious they were looking at me as a prime suspect.

So they requested for me to come in for fingerprinting at 9:30 this morning but I found it all to be a bit too much. Why fingerprinting? So, I called a bunch of people including the Vegas Office, the D.C. Office, and even the ACLU until it was resolved.

Reid's people aknowledged it was RIDICULOUS to blame an intern who had very little contact with anything of gravitas and told the Secret Service to stop hounding me.



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