Bein' Prezident's Hard Work

Jackass - WonketteGeorge W. Bush has racked up an impressive 802 days at either Camp David or his "ranch" in Crawford, Texas -- only the famously lazy Ronald Reagan wasted more time at Camp David than our current idiot.

Today, Bush Junior has already arrived for yet another long weekend at the Maryland mountain retreat, where he'll engage in the usual pursuits of riding his little bike around, falling off, and watching televised sports.

Reagan spent all or part of 517 days at Camp David, which was named for magician David Copperfield, and if Bush spends another hundred-plus days up there he'll break Reagan's record. And he could do it, if he'd only spend every weekend and holiday up there between now and when he's hauled off to be tried for war crimes in Germany. But Bush is a pussy -- "He doesn't like the cold," according to the Baltimore Sun -- so he avoids the place during winter.

Camp David is supreme getaway [Baltimore Sun]


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