'Being Less Hated' Top Gift on Scott Walker's Xmas Wishlist This Year


Here is some very weird new holiday ad from loathed Kochgobbler Scott Walker. He is serving at a soup kitchen with his family and, you know, trying to make "getting along" faces at the invisible off-camera poors while his wife plaintively begs Wisconsin to "put our differences aside" and "move forward together" instead of focusing on all this silly old recall business, for peace. We're guessing it's his wife who has to do the talking because of the dripping sarcasm in Walker's voice you normally hear every time he opens his mealy mouth about "struggling" families?

Also: the video ends in their family living room with a particularly AMAZING awkward shot of Scott Walker blubbering like he can't feel his face from all the Xanax while his sons hover awkwardly in the back of the room looking judgmental and teenager-y.

The most comical part is that this is the best that Scott Walker can do even though he has been outspending his recall organizer opponents four to one in the contest so far:

At the outset of Wisconsin’s historic recall fight, GOP Gov. Scott Walker and his allies are outspending the other side on television by a margin of roughly 4-to-1, an advantage he’s expected to maintain in the weeks ahead.

The governor has already aired more than $1 million in broadcast ads since he hit the airwaves in mid-November, according to the ad-tracking firm Kantar Media CMAG.

Ha ha, and that's been working so well that organizers already have 507,000 of the 540,000 signatures needed to trigger the recall election in just half the allotted time period.

It's a good sign! He has already lost in one contest, on YouTube, which voted this video "crappy" by a margin of 476-97. May the Kochblockers win! [YouTube/JSOnline]


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