Belated Rather Roundup

They'd rather: Tim Russert? Matt Lauer? Sheppard Smith? Omg, so best: Chris Matthews. Possible replacements for the Dan [Newsweek, Bloomberg]

BREAKING! "Bloggers Force Retirement of 73-Year-Old Newsman" [Scrappleface]

"He added that a Bob Dylan lyric had been rattling around his head for the last few days that 'he not busy being born is busy dying.'" [NYT via Gawker]

Fact-checking their asses: "To the likely dismay of his many jammy-clad detractors, Rather, unlike Tom Brokaw, is hardly headed for the rolling green pasture where old news anchors go to die." [Slate]

And the White House weighs in: "Q. Do those viewers include the President? MS. BUCHAN: Any other questions? (Laughter.)" [ via Press Gaggle]


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