Beloved Conservative U.S.-Loving French President Also Hates America

'I dint underSTAND that.' - WonketteThe election of Nicolas "Reagan" Sarkozy was a rare happy moment for American wingnuts who until that exact second had hated France with all of their tiny bitter might. Finally, a pro-American French president would restore America's global glory and make the lazy communist book-reading French weirdos start putting on the pounds, watching more teevee and bombing all the Muslim countries!

Instead, like everybody else on Earth, Sarkozy has turned out to be an America-hating traitor. In a speech to French diplomats today -- and did you know the evil French invented diplomacy, which is French for "traitor"? -- the new president said America needs to get the hell out of Iraq to end the civil war.

"France was and remains hostile to this war," said Sarkozy, in French.

Sarkozy Says U.S. Troop Pullout Would Help End Iraq Civil War [Bloomberg]


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