Beloved Game Show Hosts Who Are Really Detestable Human Beings! Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 27, 2022

Beloved Game Show Hosts Who Are Really Detestable Human Beings! Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 27, 2022

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"[I]t was 1993, and Justice Byron White had just announced his retirement. Clinton wanted Hatch’s thoughts on who he should nominate to replace White. And Hatch — here’s the part that is unimaginable in today’s Republican Party — offered two entirely reasonable suggestions to the new president." — Ian Millhiser at Vox on GTFO STEPHEN BREYER. (He didn't say that.) (Hatch also recommended RBG!!!)

ARDL (Always Read Dahlia Lithwick), this time on Breyer's bare-knuckled exit from the Court.

He had said only recently that he was not yet ready. But they may have ripped the blinkers off an 83-year-old man who believed he was modeling civics and collegiality when he was in fact being rope-a-doped by smiling Trump appointees, who were civil and collegial in person while also beavering away to end voting rights, the ability to organize, the administrative state, reproductive freedom, the separation of religion and government, and reasonable gun regulation.

— Slate

Let's learn more about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former public defender (heart eyes emoji)! (Reuters)

"And despite all their theories about vote fraud being roundly debunked, Rudy and Sid are still engaged in poultry coitus on the subject of Dominion’s participation in a plot to steal the election." Wait just a goldang minute! Is Our Liz not allowed to say "chicken-fucking" at ATL???? HOW DOES SHE LIVE?????

Return of the night of the living zombie baby of Don't Say Gay F-L-A. (ABC News)

Well now they are just getting silly. Some dumb cock Mississippi mayor withholding $100,000 in library funds until they knock off ALL THE HOMOSEXES. — Mississippi Free Press

LOL somebody's trying to make real life Outbreak, yay. (WNEP)

Surprisingly, it's not the anti-mask shitheads who managed to shut down the library for everyone. — Shaw Local

Some comments by the Tennessee school board members who banned "Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust. You're gonna need to build in some kitchen-floor liedown time. (TN Holler)

Grist is wrong here and I'm mad at it. They're arguing, messily and not well, that it's a matter of social justice to avoid "between $50 and $225 a YEAR" in electricity bills for people without solar by charging people with solar $8 a month per kWh in panels. So someone with a 10kWh array would pay $960 a year to the utility, for the honor of giving it energy. (I have solar in Montana, the utility fucked up my meter and I've been charged double ever since I put it in, so my dog in this fight is theoretical.) "People with solar are hurting people without solar" is a bad opinion and Grist should feel bad. (Grist)

Crypto crash and white dudes' entitlement syndrome. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

"Melania's hat," "NFT of Melania's hat," "something else," fail to do crypto thingie. (CNN)

Hitler Sex Game Riles Up Steam Users Over Extra Testicle. Self-explanatory. — Kotaku

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