Because nobody loves you when yr down and out, the Ben Domenech backlash continues -- his buddies have turned on him like hipsters on indie bands who appear on The O.C. (with the exception of RedState, which continues to kinda sorta defend him -- it's worth noting that the pseudo-mea culpa-cum-evasive defense posted by "Augustine" doesn't really make mention of the NRO piece which was really the nail in the coffin, while his latter apology reads a bit unnervingly like a MySpace Suicide note).

Here's your weekend roundup:

* Michelle Malkin is still taking this all very seriously.

* His ol' student paper finds evidence that Domenech (irony of ironies) plagiarized Jonah Goldberg in their pages. Ben... seriously, you're supposed to plagiarize stuff that makes you look like a good writer.

* Jim Brady confirms it: there's gonna be another conservative hired in Domenech's place. (We still vote Adele, btw). Also fun in that article: P.J. O'Rourke, contacted at his home in Obscurity, New Hapshire, doesn't remember giving Domenech permission to, uh, steal from him.

* Ed Morrissey calls the attacks on Ben "unhinged" (a technorati search for that word will keep you entertained for hours, trust us), continuing the fun theme underlying a number of the conservative reactions to the Domenech thing: It was unreasonable of people to go digging for dirt on Domenech, but we find what they dug up disturbing.

* And here's the damning and exhaustive NRO review of Domenech's pieces for them.

Have a schadenfreudastic weekends, everyone.


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