Ben Harper Joins Numerous Fogeys In Slow Jam Against Nukes

[youtube expand=1]

You know what's awesome? Getting together with a bunch of your groovy musician friends having and a little jam session where you take a classic sixties protest song, but update it for today's issues! Today's issues unfortunately being totally boring for the most part, forcing you to replace the word "gun" in your song with "plan," because "amending a clean energy bill at the last minute to subsidize nuclear power plants" doesn't really scan. Also, maybe there will be a camera there and you can talk about your feelings! Only don't let the camera linger too long on Jackson Browne, because it will make it clear that he's had a gazillion facelifts. And don't let Graham Nash talk, because it will make it obvious that he's British and is just trying to destroy America's energy infrastructure so we'll be dependent on buying Scottish peat moss to burn for fuel. Also, Ben Harper and Matisyahu are the same person now, it appears.


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