Ben Nelson Desperately Tries To Show Nebraskans That He Is Not Socialist


Poor old Ben "Wario" Nelson is having such trouble proving to the Real Americans of Nebraska -- the Most Real Americans out there, yikes! -- that the pending expansion of health insurance conducted entirely through the existing for-profit private corporate market is not a Kenyan Afro-Socialist takeover of their guns for Allah. Tonight he will "go nuklar" on his constituents bypurchasing 30 seconds of ad time during the Nebraska bowl game, which a full 175% of Nebraskans will be watching. Mark this slot down for your smoke break, viewers!

He'll be wearing a bathrobe and eating Xtra Cheese Cheet-Os and farting, to relate:

As a fresh poll measured the political cost of Sen. Ben Nelson's health reform vote, he prepared Tuesday to take his case directly to Nebraskans during Wednesday night's Holiday Bowl game.

Nelson will air a new TV ad in which he attempts to debunk opposition claims that the Senate legislation represents a government takeover, and he makes the case for health care reform.

"With all the distortions about health care reform, I want you to hear directly from me," the Democratic senator says in the ad.

Nelson, dressed in an open-necked shirt and sweater, speaks directly into the camera during the 30-second ad.

Don't watch in HD.

Beleaguered Nelson to air TV ad tonight [Lincoln Journal-Star]


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