Ben Quayle Takes Down Video Because All That Math Was Wrong


Haha, remember when Ben Quayle put that video up yesterday about his long journey to budgetary freedom? And he somehow blamed Obama for forcing us on this new Ben Quayle Share of GDP Trail of Tears? Well, he had to take that video down. Not because he falsely blamed Obama for screwing up the nation's economic statistics by single-handedly putting America in recession. But because he made up those "boring numbers" he yammered on about.

Quayle's opponent Jon Hulburd has re-uploaded the ad, sticking on the obligatory "[Candidate] DOESN'T WANT U 2 SEE!":

[youtube expand=1]

So which statistic was wrong? The government is not spending $14.5 trillion a year, as Ben so perfectly enunciated into our souls. It's more like $3.55 trillion. [PDF] $14.5 trillion is about a year's GDP.

Yeah, math is boring. Get back to creepily staring straight into the camera, Ben Quayle. [YouTube]


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