Whey-faced anger bear Ben Shapiro has never met an issue he could not connect to the scourge of leftism and political correctness that is ruining America for whiny, snot-nosed, privileged jerks like Ben Shapiro. Today's example: This highly unintelligent screed over at Dead Breitbart's Internet Crypt for Koala-Fondling Lechers, in which Genocide Ben, taking as his jumping-off point the recent controversy over an ESPN report on the showering habits of openly gay sportsballer Michael Sam and his teammates, whines about how politics have invaded American sports. Damn liberals! Always ruining our cherished American institutions where large men beat the crap out of each other while trying to advance an oblong pigskin an arbitrarily conceived distance in a contest of skill and strength.

After some less-than-illuminating examples, Ben concludes with this gem:

Sports used to be the last bastion of politics-free culture. No longer. And that's a loss for Americans who would love a touch of unity in at least one area of life.

Sports used to be a bastion of politics-free culture? Ben, Ghost Satchel Paige and everyone who ever played in the Negro leagues would like a word with you. Watch out for Ghost Jackie Robinson in particular, he has a hell of a swing.

Might there be some examples of other times sports and politics overlapped? Here are some examples we came up with just off the top of our heads that Genocide Ben might want to read up on:

  • In addition to the aforementioned Jackie Robinson integrating baseball in 1947, there was Kenny Washington signing with the NFL's Rams in 1946 and Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton becoming the NBA's first black player in 1950. Washington's signing in particular had NFL owners arguing with each other.
  • Title IX – perhaps important to you if your daughter grows up to be a scholarship athlete.
  • Major League Baseball's antitrust exemption, the result of arguments over whether professional baseball should be subject to the Commerce Clause that began in 1915.
  • Players in every major league forming unions and striking at one time or another for better contracts. The first strike your Wonkette is old enough to remember was the NFL in 1982. The first strike in history, as far as we know, was major league baseball players walking off the job in 1972. Players in the National Hockey League first tried to form a union in 1957, but the owners busted it.
  • Clay v. United States, the Supreme Court case stemming from the felony conviction of Muhammad Ali for refusing to be inducted into the military and sent to Vietnam after a draft board turned down the great boxer's appeal to be classified as a conscientious objector. Can anyone imagine the aneurysm Ben Shapiro would have had if he had been alive to write about a Muslim convert who allied himself with Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, changed his name to Muhammad, called Cassius Clay his "slave name," and refused to join the glorious United States Army for the honor of going off to some jungle hellhole to fight Communism and prevent it from taking over the world? Ben's head would have exploded Scanners-style in that case.
  • Every single fight to use taxpayer money to build a stadium or arena for a sports team in an American city, which pretty much is always happening somewhere. Someone please ask Ben how he feels about his hard-earned tax money possibly going to build an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles in the hope that some rich owner will one day move his team into it.

And those were just what we thought of while spitballing in the chat cave. Imagine if we put some thought into it!

Genocide Ben has been talking down the importance of Michael Sam's coming out of the closet almost from the moment it happened, ostensibly because he doesn't like the left having a narrative it can use to bash homophobes for their homophobia. We think he just knew how bad his end of the political spectrum was going to look the first time TV cameras caught an NFL player kissing his boyfriend live on television and was trying to head it off at the pass. Good try, Genocide Ben!

In conclusion, Ben Shapiro can eat a bag of salted rat dicks, the end.



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