Ben Stevens' New Dream Job

Now, he's married to the sea - WonketteNow that Ted Stevens' son Ben is no longer a corrupt Alaskan state Senator, he needs to find some way to feed the kids he may or may not have. Thankfully, father Ted pulled some strings and got his wayward son a gig with the transportation company Lynden, who, coincidentally, have received $300 million in federal contracts over the last six years, thanks to Ted being a ranking member of the Senate Defense Appropriations committee. Now, how about this job? Cushy desk gig, no doubt?

Earlier this month, Bering Marine Corp., a subsidiary of the transportation company Lynden, hired Ben Stevens -- a former Alaska GOP state Senator -- to toil on one of its work boats as part of a support contract the company has with Shell oil company. The job will keep the younger Stevens in the Arctic Ocean for an unknown period of time.

Wow. Quite a lesson there -- if your ineptitude at covering your tracks leads to an FBI raid of the Stevens compound, well, you'll be shipped off to the Arctic Ocean apparently, where you'll be expected to die in shameful exile.

New Employer of Stevens' Son Has Reaped Millions in Federal Contracts [Roll Call]


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