Benchwarmer Bush

* How many swift boats will it take to sink Rudy Giuliani? [Wizbang]

* The new joke about Mitt Romney might be that he's going to be the Republican nominee. [Hotline]

* It may like only yesterday the Iraq Study Group released its report to a White House that couldn't give a shit, but in fact it was 8 months ago. Now that it's irrelevant, Congress may just sign into law. Good work, everyone! [Passport]

* Bush's report on Iraq benchmarks is almost as retarded as his new press room. [Iraq Slogger]

* McCain and the liberal media are getting a divorce. [Hot Air]

* We noticed you left Captain Planet and the Planeteers off your list. Pretty convenient, if you ask us. [IMAO]

* Rudy likes the idea of endless war because it's much more interesting than censoring art and killing homeless people. [The Hill]

* Bush ties Nixon for America's favorite president! [Election Central]

* Baby Jesus gave Yassir Arafat AIDS for trying to steal the Holy Land. [LGF]

* Failure is not an option. We shed a single tear as we begin the slow clap .... [Redstate]


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