Benjamin Frisch Is President of Interns!

Benjamin Frisch Is President of Interns!

Presenting Wonkette’s newest intern, Summer 2010 model: Benjamin Frisch. Ben draws terrible comics and has been in art school for far too long. He maintains a blog of his awful artwork, and also keeps a portfolio of sorts on this furry pornography site. Good news for elderly Republican congressmen: he’s single!

Hypothetical question as lazy blog post transition: What if America’s greatest prophet Ayn Rand was alive today? It would be just like that radio show where they talk to that fake-Thomas Jefferson about gardening, except interesting maybe, or not. Anyway, you may have noticed a new comic strip feature here on Wonkette. This comic is the first of many about Ayn Rand time traveling to 2010 and experiencing our contemporary horror. This will be a regular feature, posted on Mondays unless Harper-Collins offers him a book deal for his epic graphic novel about Oedipus Rex, in which case he will abandon this place like President Bush after Katrina. Cheers!


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